Friday, September 11, 2009

Does God still innovate?

Considering various products he has created so far, nobody would doubt whether God did innovate. However, it has been 200 thousand years since he launched his last innovative product on earth (human being). And it is debatable whether that product is a successful one. Question is: does he still innovate? or has he hit innovator’s block?

God might say the next version is in the making and it is going to be much better. But who cares about incremental changes? How much difference a pair of eyes on back is going to make? And how many of us are going to be happy watching our back and butt? Some might say his strategy of launching complementary products: a man and a woman simultaneously was a major flop. Would he then drop the old strategy and launch only a single product next time? Perhaps he is tired of incremental changes. I feel if God still has guts he would be thinking radical.

But, wait a minutes…Doesn’t conventional wisdom say “Prototyping is a shorthand for innovation”? This means if God is serious about innovation, he must be prototyping. Did you read anything shocking recently? I read about someone climbing the tallest building in the world in Kaulalampur. Would that be one of his prototypes? Why would he waste his time creating spidermans? Humans have already visualized them. They aren’t that shocking.

What if he decides not to change outer appearance at all? Then it is going to be more difficult to find out if the person sitting next to me is a prototype of the next generation human. What about the so-called enlightened souls like Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha etc? Would they be his prototypes? And if they were, then he has a long way to go before his real launch. Look at how much confusion & fighting that got added because of them. But then in an innovator’s laboratory, failed prototypes count as much as successful ones. Perhaps cost of innovation is getting out of hand for God. Has he considered off-shoring? It is time we show CMM certificates to him.

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