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What are the learning objectives of “Mindfulness on the go”?

The workshop has following objectives:
  1. To learn to recognize wasteful thinking while it is happening
  2. To learn to perceive that thought is distorting our perception - fooling us like a master magician, while it is happening
  3. To see that this learning can happen on the go - in the car, bus, airport, grocery store, while jogging, in office meeting or even in the middle of an argument.
This is not a theory workshop. Participation in discussions and more importantly personal reflection exercises is an expectation. The workshop does not try to follow any one teaching. However, it is inspired by and borrows from a number of spiritual teachings, especially from Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Eckhart TolleDavid Bohm and Buddhist Vipassana meditation

Why "on the go"?

There are several meditation retreats / workshops which help you learn how to meditate with eyes closed, in the seating posture and typically in an isolated quiet place. These practices are valuable and I have personally benefited from them. However, I have met several people who have the intent to meditate but don’t find the time & place to do it. The question is: Is it possible to meditate with open eyes, in standing, running, driving or in any other posture, in a noisy place like a meeting room, a grocery store or a train station/airport etc.? The objective of this workshop is to learn how to meditate on the go – by stealing moments from your busy schedule – say while waiting for a bus, taxi, elevator or check-out counter etc. 

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning how to meditate on the go. We stick to an age-old definition of meditation – Meditation is seeing what is. Our explorations will not be conforming to any religion or a sect or a specific spiritual teaching. A lot of emphasis will be placed in experimenting, investigating and finding for oneself what works. So openness about these things will help.

What is the duration and venue of the workshop?

The workshop will be offered in various formats such as half-day, one-day, two-days. There is no open program planned right now. We are open to conducting this at the client site or an offsite chosen by client.

What is the agenda for the 2-days?

Day-1 8:30am-9:30am: Registration and breakfast
Day-1 10am-1pm: Introduction to thought process, key properties of thought, illusions created by thought
Day-1 2pm-5pm: Useful-vs-wasteful thinkingsimple-vs-sustained incoherenceassumptions of necessity
Day-2 6:30am-7:30am: Guided group meditation
Day-2 9:30am-1pm: Thought as a system of reflexes, Find and press a button, Proprioception  
Day-2 2pm-5pm: Belief-as-truth vs belief-as-an-assumption, Acceptance

Can we get a glimpse on what will be covered?

Check out this presentation used in a half-day workshop:

Check out this presentation - Metaphors from 'Thought as a system'

Check out this presentation which compares “The Matrix” to “Thought”:

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