Build Innovation Stamina

My work on innovation stamina involves moving the needle on an innovation dashboard co-created with the client. Typical elements of the dashboard are shown below.

Innovation stamina involves elements such as curiosity stamina, experimentation stamina, communication stamina, and collaboration stamina.

To improve the client's innovation stamina represented by an innovation dashboard, I start with an ABCD approach that : (a) creates Awareness (b) builds a Bright spot repository (c) run a Challenge campaign, and (d) improves the client's innovation Dashboard. In a multi-year engagement, I help clients create enablers of innovation stamina (such as labs, sandboxes, and a partnership ecosystem involving academia and startups)

My client engagement varies from 1-2 days (workshops), 1-3 months (ABCD approach), 1-3 years (ABCD + Enablers)

Selected case studies:

1. Building innovation stamina, client A, Payroll automation leader (3-year engagement)

2. Building innovation stamina, client B, Fashion apparel leader (3-year engagement)