Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blogging themes in 2009 and for 2010

2009: I mentioned a year ago in One year of blogging: a reflection that the writing experience is more like discovering new threads and weaving them together, hoping to create soft quilts like the poet cum weaver Kabir one day. What kinds of threads did I discover in 2009? Well, they came in many colors and shades. But let me pick a few that stand out. (Note: You will find all my innovation articles organized by topic here.)

2010: One thing we learnt in extremistan is that we should be cautious in making predictions (especially about the future). And if we do then at least don’t take them too seriously. With this understanding, let me articulate a few themes I hope to pursue in 2010.

  • Innovation to Moat (I2M): How does innovation process contribute to enhancing business moat (competitive advantage) and keep competitors at bay? Do only big ideas count or small ones count too? What role do patents play? How do we ensure Margin of safety? What does “strategy as surfing” involve?

  • 10 step innovation stories with CEO lens: Stories of world class innovators like Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Mahatma Gandhi are known. But the role of innovation catalysts like Mike Markkula (Apple), Katharine Graham (Buffett) and Gopal Krishna Gokhale (Gandhi) is less known. How do these stories look like when looked through CEO lens? Similar to the story I wrote on Edison’s Folly, I am going to write at least 10 steps in each story from concept to cash or concept to crash.
  • Innovation movement: Last year, I wrote about what innovation movement in India can learn from Quality movement. Well, I want to pursue this theme further. The questions I want to explore are: How did quality movement evolve? What exactly did it contribute? How did certifications like ISO, CMM mushroom? Did they do any good? How is innovation movement evolving around the world? Would a movie like 3 Idiots make a difference?


  1. Cool stuff Vinay. This is one blog that I read within few hours after you have posted. Your style is great, content is of top quality and has long-term value. I have benefited a lot. Keep them coming ...


  2. Most of us work and have interest in Innovation ... But exactly what innovation .. most of us may not be knowing. The other issue is that the very INNOVATORS themselves do not ( of course need not ! ) know what innovation is ?

    There is need to clarify in very simple terms what really innovation is. Similarly, what areas / where is the scope to have innovation is the other thing that needs attention.

    One more thing, Gandhi is greatest innovator ! Where and in what contexts he was , and how he innovated .. examples will be of great help to the people who are interested in innovation. More in due course.. dr mandi