Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One year of blogging: A reflection

Thanks to reminders from two of my friends RamPrasad Moudgalya and Ravi Aranke I started blogging in December 2007. Posted 9 blogs under Becoming a successful technical leader, 49 blogs under Insights of a catalyst in alignment and innovation (current blog) and 7 blogs under Becoming to being, making a total of 65 blogs during the year. That makes it a little over a 1 blog per week. I thought I will look back and see what I feel about this journey.

I had following reservations when I started blogging:

1. Me-too syndrome: Why add more noise to already existing one? There is so much being written by so many people. Who has time to read one more blog?

2. Sustainability: Is it something I can sustain for a while, say for a few years? It is my nature to commit to a few things that I enjoy and sustain them over a long time. For example, I have been jogging twice a week for 20 years, cycling regularly for 25 years, practicing music for the past 4 years etc. On the flip side, it has been almost a decade since I stopped watching TV as I felt that I don’t have the DNA to enjoy TV. And there is this third category of things like “learning to speak kannada” where I started serious attempts to learn at least 3 times and did not sustain it long enough to make satisfactory progress. Which category will blogging belong to?

What do I think of it after a year?

1. A matter of joy: It has been immense joy to write 300 to 500 words on topics close to heart. It also has a cleansing effect. When I try to structure my thought and write a blog, it clears clutter in my mind. Sometimes it identifies clear gaps in the understanding. Either way it helps me sleep well at night.

2. Importance of communication: Writing a blog is one thing and writing it such that it is sticky is another. Thanks to Made to stick, I realized the importance of various attributes like concreteness, simplicity, story in a communication. Blogging gives me a tool to experiment with various mechanisms to make a communication sticky.

3. Weaving your thoughts: In the last few months, I came to see my blogging as an activity similar to weaving. I seem to be discovering threads in organization innovation and alignment and one by one weaving them to create something more meaningful and useful. For example, one such thread which I discovered during the course of weaving is “Role of insights in innovation”. Another one is “Prototyping”.

4. Marketing tool: These days when I go for meetings with clients or prospective clients, I usually send them links to my blogs on related topics beforehand. 2 out of 5 attendees end up reading some of these. That makes the discussion more meaningful. I have been advocating personal branding through my technical leadership trainings. It feels good to walk the talk.

To summarize, I seem to have stumbled upon a new source of joy which is quite unaffected by market swings, global warming etc. Perhaps you might want to give it a shot too.


  1. Congratulations Vinay for completing one year of blogging. Your blogs are both informative and thought provoking. Wishing you another great year in blogging and in everything else.


  2. Hi Vinay,

    It's a remarkable achievement. Your posts are thought provoking, just nice bite-sized and most importantly, you have stuck with it.

    Now it is my turn to take my own medicine and restart regular blogging.


  3. Hi Vinay,

    Very well. Please keep blogging. I have been following your blogs, and found them useful.

  4. Certainly a matter of pride for you and a joy for us.. Wish you all the best. Keep writing!

  5. Great Going! Picking a focus and sticking with it the key to success... Best for 2009!

  6. Heard about your blog from RamP. Congratulations on on completing one year of successful blogging!

    All the best


  7. Vinay

    There is a Cartesian world view many of us seem to accept … This was summed up by Rene Descartes “Cogito Ergo Sum” … several millennia later an IT company derived its name from this! … So do bloggers … IBTIAM … Consider flipping this … IBTYA or I Blog Therefore You Are … closer home …

    Happy blogging and thanks for being a wonderful friend …

    Prof. Swami Krishnan

  8. Congrats Vinay on completing one successful year of blogging and I am sure you are going to sustain it.

    Writing is a insightful activity. Though you start with the need to communicate with the outside world, but you do end up knowing a lot about yourself too.

  9. Thank you all for the encouragement.