Thursday, October 2, 2008

Indian Robot Olympiad (South Zone) experience

What happens you toss creativity, collaboration, competition and loads of fun together with school kids? I am sure there won’t be one answer to this question. However, what we experienced at Indian Robot Olympiad (South Zone) last weekend at Indus International school can’t very different. Kids from 40 schools in Bangalore, Kodaikanal, Ooty, Mumbai participated in the event.

This picture shows a practice session on the playing field for primary school category. The robot which has just left the start line should follow the dashed line, pass through the gate and topple 3 cans kept in three corners (first one is at bottom left corner).

This is a practice session in junior high category. The track is more difficult due to stair-case and other hurdles.

For making & programming a robot, kids used Mindstorm kits from Lego. It was the first such event in the southern part of India and I am sure it will catch on in the coming years. For coverage in The Hindu check here and that in Times of India here.

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