Sunday, March 31, 2013

Catalign Quarterly – March 2013

Catalign Quarterly is an attempt to put together insights relevant for fostering a culture of innovation in organizations – both for-profit and not-for-profit. Through articles and interviews we explore principles, practices and policies that help organizations become more innovative.

Theme for this quarterly is “How to run innovation campaigns effectively?” We begin by summarizing the 4 characteristics of effective innovation campaigns as presented by Prof. Karl Ulrich of Wharton. We apply these 4 characteristics to assess the effectiveness of the charkha design campaign executed by Gandhi in 1920.

The other articles are:

4 choices in the design of an innovation campaign” – This articles summarizes the 4 choices: Open vs closed, Pure cascade vs renewal, One round vs multiple rounds, Absolute vs relative filter

Idea selection methods: balancing efficiency vs accuracy” – This article looks at different methods like 2-1-0 method, Real-win-worth it of reviewing ideas to find a balance between speed and accuracy.

3 characteristics of a good challenge statement” – This article look at 3 characteristics – emotional appeal, concrete goal and hooks for exploration.

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