Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Catalign Quarterly - June 2012

Catalign Quarterly is an attempt to put together insights relevant for fostering a culture of innovation in organizations. This is the third issue of the Quarterly.

Theme for this quarterly is “Design of strategy as if implementation matters”. If designing a good strategy is difficult then designing a strategy as if implementation matters is far more challenging. IBM’s ex-CEO Louis Gerstner expressed this well when he said, “It [IBM] had file drawers full of winning strategies. Yet, the company was frozen in place.”

In the first article we reflect on the 3 challenges in implementing a strategy as observed by Richard Rumelt. We explore an approach called "following the bright spots" in the second article. We summarize 3 of the lessons Sudhir Kumar learnt in implementing a strategy in Bihar. Finally I review a book "Understanding Michael Porter" by Joan Magretta.

1. 3 Challenges in implementing a strategy

2. Following the bright spots and its implications for designing a strategy

3. 3 lessons from implementing a strategy from Sudhir Kumar’s experience in Bihar

4. “Understanding Michael Porter” by Joan Magretta: A book review

I would like to thank Prof. Rishikesha T. Krishnan for the discussions on this topic.

Theme for the Sept 2012 quarterly is: Building experimentation capacity.

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