Sunday, December 18, 2011

Catalign Quarterly – Dec 2011

Catalign Quarterly is an attempt to put together insights relevant for fostering a culture of innovation in organizations. This is a first such issue.

There are five articles in this issue. The first two articles are insights from guest speakers at our innovation management workshop at IIMB last October. The first article summarizes how innovation program at Tanishq evolved over the last 7 years. The second one presents insights from Cognizant on how to build creative confidence. The third article is an inspiring narrative from Gyanesh Pandey, CEO of Husk Power Systems which is electrifying rural India (HQ in Bihar). Then there is a review of an excellent book called “Where good ideas come from” by Steven Johnson. Finally, we have the latest benchmark data on the idea management systems from INSSAN (Indian National Suggestion Scheme Association).

1. Managing innovation: journey of Tanishq, jewelry division of Titan

2. Building creative confidence: Insights from Sukumar Rajagopal of Cognizant

3. Gyanesh Pandey tells Husk Power Systems story of Bijli from Bhoosa

4. book review: “Where good ideas come from” by Steven Johnson

5. Benchmark data from INSSAN Excellence contest in suggestion schemes 2011

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