Saturday, August 1, 2009

Applying the curiosity flow technique: An example

How do I design my presentation more effectively? We looked at, what can be called, the first principle: curiosity before content in this previous article. We also looked at how Steve Jobs has applied this principle and created a curiosity flow in his famous iPod launch presentation in this article. In the current article, we show a sample “bullet point” presentation and what it looks like after applying the curiosity flow technique.

If you are serious about improving design of your presentations, here is an excellent opportunity to practice the curiosity flow technique. I would recommend following:

1. If you are not familiar with “curiosity flow technique”, please read about curiosity gap theory and curiosity flow example first. This will not take more than 15 minutes.

2. Now browse through the bullet point presentation (given below).

3. Take a pencil and paper and jot down how you can create curiosity flow for this presentation

4. Now browse through the second presentation (crossing the cost-value chasm).

Chances are high; you might come up with a different curiosity flow. Please add your ideas to this article so that all the rest of us will benefit.

Bullet point presentation:

Presentation after curiosity flow:

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