Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bullet point jokes

Let me start with my most favorite bullet point jokes from Dilbert.

Dilbert: As requested, I fit my presentation on one powerpoint slide.
Dilbert: I had to use all of the white space, but I think it was worth it to fit everything on one page.
Dilbert: It’s actually only one bullet point, but it’s a long one.

Now, here are the rest. It is between Paresh the presenter and Friedo, Paresh’s friend.

Friedo: What are you doing?
Paresh: I am rehearsing my presentation.
Friedo: Why? Anyway you look at the slides and read.
Paresh: But, I tend to skip some bullets while reading.

Paresh: In our organization each slide has exactly 3 bullets.
Friedo: How many slides do you have today?
Paresh: That's easy. Divide no of bullets by 3 which makes it 72.3.

Paresh: My manager suggested I should have more pictures than bullets
Friedo: So what did you do?
Paresh: I added one picture per bullet.

Paresh: I have found a new way to keep audience awake.
Friedo: What?
Paresh: I read odd numbered bullets first. Then even numbered.

Paresh: I am feeling really old.
Friedo: Why?
Paresh: My boss says, Bullet point era is over.

Paresh: What is deadlier than bullet points?
Paresh: Bullet points and laser pointer combination.

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