Saturday, December 20, 2008

Technology captives in India and crossing the cost-value chasm

It was nice to participate at the International conference on Doing Business in India held at IFIM Bangalore on 18-19 Dec. I presented a paper on the study I and my research partner Dr. Pradeep Desai did over last 8 months on how technology captives are Moving Up The Value Chain (MUTVC). We met business leaders (MD, VP, Business head, Innovation leaders) at four technology captives of sizes varying from 800 engineers to 6000 engineers. We addressed following 3 questions:

1. What are the challenges technology captives facing in MUTVC journey?
2. What approaches are they taking?
3. What do they view as the critical success factors in these initiatives?

We discovered a chasm what we call "cost-value chasm" in the MUTVC journey. The presentation below gives our findings. You can see the paper here.

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