I have been facilitating two kinds of innovation workshops since 2007:
  • “How-to” workshops
  • “What-next” workshops

"How-to" workshops: Primary objective of the “How-to” workshops is to learn tools and techniques related to any or all of the following three questions: (1) How to innovate effectively? (2) How to enable innovation? (3) How to foster a culture of innovation? Topics of the workshops cover challenge framing, ideageneration, idea selection, experiment design, design thinking, idea communication, business model exploration, technology roadmapping, roles enabling innovation, building idea pipeline, improving idea velocity, design of innovation sandbox etc.

"What-next" workshops: Primary objective of the “What-next” workshops is to decide the next steps in the innovation journey of a team / organization. The questions that are explored during these workshops are: (1) What might be our next big bets? (2) What might be the next set of experiments? (3) What might be the next set of interventions in the innovation program?

In some engagements a workshop is followed by a coaching element and the project culminates in participants presenting a business case around the new ideas they worked on. The senior managements act as sponsors to the selected ideas. These engagements last one to two months.

I have had the opportunity to facilitate workshops for participants from various sectors such as software products (Intuit, Oracle, Yahoo), IT services (Cognizant, MindTree, Sasken), Apparel (Madura Fashion & Lifestyle), Manufacturing (Hindalco, Airbus), Social (Agastya), Indian Government (Performance Management Division, Cabinet Secretariat) etc.

In this journey, I had the privilege to collaborate with various experts on innovation and/or culture change such as my co-author Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan (Director IIM Indore), Prof. Ganesh Prabhu (IIM Bangalore), Prof. Rajeev S (Director, Asian School of Business), Pinkesh Shah (Founder, Institute of Product Leadership), Rahul Abhyankar (Consultant, Product Management), Raghu Kolli (VP & Head, Livelabs, IMRB), Lakshman Pachineela (Design Thinking Specialist, SAP Consulting), Prof. Srikant Datar (Harvard Business School), Prof. Vidyanand Jha (IIM Calcutta), Raja Chidambaram (Consultant, Leadership & Change), Halasyam Sundaram (Founder, Hala Associates), Yegneshwar S. (Consultant, Competency Development).

Highlights of some of the past workshops:

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