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My podcast interview on innovation by Zunder Lekshmanan. 

·                  Method / process of innovation, innovation metric
·                  Design Thinking
·                  Idea generation, sources of innovation
·                  Idea selection, management of risk
·                  Experimentation, prototyping
·                  Idea communication
·                  Mindfulness, Meditation, Thought as a system, self-discovery, Cognitive biases
·                  Evolution of systematic innovation in India
·                  Idea management systems
·                  organizational culture, roles like catalyst and champion

Systematic innovation
Innovation ecosystem
Joseph Schumpeter's 5 types of innovations (100 year old classification)
Business moat,
Competitive advantage,
Innovation engine,
innovation process,
innovation capacity,
innovation effectiveness
Design Thinking
Challenge book,
Challenge framing
Creative mind,
Thought as a system,
Cognitive biases

Evolution of systematic innovation in India

Idea management systems

Idea championing
Innovation catalyst
Change management

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