Mindfulness on the go: Podcast series

Mindfulness on the go: Podcast series

#1 What is mindfulness?

(duration: 10:35)

(Sept, 7, 2017)

Introduction by Gauri (0:00)
Vinay's background (0:35)
What is mindfulness? (3:55)
#2 Why "on the go" and why mindfulness?

(duration: 10:44)

(Sept 7, 2017)
Introduction by Gauri (0:00)
What is "on the go"? (0:25)
If I practice mindfulness, will I become stress-free or peaceful? (3:30)
Is this connected with any God, religion or a guru? (7:00)
Why should we learn mindfulness? (9:07)

#3 Tips from the movie Dangal

(duration: 9:51)

(Sept 10, 2017)
Intro & silence: (0:00)
How are movies connected with mindfulness? (1:00)
Can we take an example of a movie? (3:00)
To achieve something, isn’t an ambition required? (5:15)
What else do we learn from this movie? (6:53)

#4 Is there a problem right now?

(duration: 8:29)

(Sept 14, 2017)
Gauri shares her experiments on mindfulness
Intro & silence: (0:00)
Background and how she got started (1:10)
Experiments with mindfulness (3:09)
What is meant by paying attention to thoughts and reactions? (4:27)
How do you decide whether a thought is wasteful? (5:43)
What are the challenges you faced in the journey? (6:50)

#5 Am I aware that I am breathing?

(duration: 11:39)

(Oct 3, 2017)
What and how of present moment awareness
Why is the present moment awareness important? (1:26)
How do I become aware of the present moment? (2:36)
What do we learn from this? (5:55)
But don’t we know that everything is impermanent already? (7:32)
What are the main challenges in this exercise? (9:02)
We can ask a question- Am I aware that I am breathing? (11:02)

#6 Is this thought useful?
(duration: 14:32)

(Oct 22, 2017)
What and how of recognizing wasteful thinking
Diwali pollution, is this a wasteful thought?
How do we recognize a thought as wasteful? (3:30)
What happens when you recognize a thought as wasteful? (5:25)
How is this related to present moment awareness? (6:36)
My guilt about overeating, is it wasteful? (7:58)
Gauri's experiments in recognizing wasteful thinking (9:26)
Can we control our thoughts and produce only useful thoughts? (12:23)

#7 Could I be wrong?
(duration: 9:42)

(Nov 6, 2017)

Can you give an example of a wasteful thought? (0:30)
Nobody killed Arushi! (1:52)
What do you think about Talwar couple’s acquittal? (2:45)
What is a cognitive illusion? (4:44)
What are the cognitive illusions in our day to day lives? (6:40)
How do we start seeing the cognitive illusions as illusions? (8:00)
Could I be wrong? (8:28)
#8 Will I get what I want?
(duration: 6:55)

(Jan 2, 2018)
Why is the question "Will I get what I want?" important? (1:00)
What are the two parts of the question? (1:47)
Which part is important? (3:02)
Is expectation not meaningful? (3:38)
Could the goal itself be not meaningful? (5:08)

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