The goal of an innovation strategy is to build, improve, and sustain (1) idea pipeline (2) idea velocity, and (3) business impact (batting average). Over the past decade (since 2006), I have been helping organizations plan and execute their innovation strategy. Some of the organizations with whom I had multi-year engagements are ADP, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, Mahindra Comviva, Oracle, Unisys. See the complete client list. As a visiting faculty, I have been teaching "Strategic management of technology and innovation" at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (2019 & 2020).  

On innovation strategy, I help clients in the following three areas: Training, Planning, and Execution.

Innovation strategy - training: This 1-day or 2-day workshop is targeted for business leaders and raises the awareness of what, why, and how of an innovation strategy. It introduces the "8-steps to innovation" framework and tries to bring about collective clarity on the key challenge areas and possible approaches for the organization. The approach emphasizes the importance of making the strategy culture-friendly.

Innovation strategy - planning: This is typically a 2-day workshop. Deliverables of an innovation strategy planning workshop are plans related to interventions, structures, processes such as challenge campaigns, bright spot analysis, innovation review, technology roadmapping, etc.  

Innovation strategy - execution: During the execution of an innovation strategy, I play one or more of the following roles: co-designer of the interventions, reviewer, participant (e.g. in bright spot analysis), workshop/event facilitator, etc. This is typically a 1-year engagement.