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Dec 2017

Topics: 3 ways a metaphor helps in challenge framing, Design Thinking resources, Why does Ishiguro say Stevens the butler is a monster, Progress, process and possibility: 3 words and their new meanings, mindfulness on the go podcasts

Sept 2017

Topics: Adopting design thinking in organizations, one steps at a time, How is innovation related to mindfulness, My 3 takeaways from Krishnamurti Gathering in Murren, Switzerland, Five tips on mindfulness from "A beautiful mind", Mindfulness on the go: podcast series.

June 2017

Topics: 3 E's Design Thinking: Experience, Empathy and Experimentation, Before-and-after storyboard a simple template, Gabbar and self-deception, Why does UG Krishnamurti say - Thought is your enemy?

March 2017

Topics: From ocean-wave to dancing droplets: Comparing two metaphors for human existence, Three symptoms of empathy deficit, Three characteristics of a good challenge book, Three surprises from Isaac Newton's biography

December 2016

Topics: Empathy as understanding the assumptions behind rigid reflexes, Five minutes innovation manager, Four hurdles in self-discovery, Reflections from Rishi Valley on responsibility, corruption and rural education.

September 2016

Topics: Empathy as accessing 3 kinds of ignorance, Rapid prototyping: 1-hour, 1-day, 1-week prototypes, What's wrong with practicing mindfulness to become better? My 3 takeaways from Edgar Schein's "Humble consulting"

June 2016

Topics: 4 metaphors from David Bohm's "Unfolding meaning", Henry Molaison and his "Permanent present tense", Learning Design Thinking - Is it more like learning cycling or cycology? My 3 takeaways from Phil Rosenzweig's "Halo Effect"

March 2016

Topics: Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" turns 80, Organizational innovation eco-system: a re-look after five years, Sustaining participation in innovation initiatives, 3 flavors of mindfulness

December 2015

Topics: How Master Shifu follows a bright spot to train Kung Fu Panda, An idea presentation template based on a 2-minute pitch by The Wand Company founders, Rewarding innovation: process vs outcome, Learning mindfulness through "Penn & Teller: Fool Us" magic show

September 2015

Topics: 4 staminas of an innovator, ABCD approach to start innovation initiative, PK and a peek into assumptions of necessity, The Matrix as a system vs thought as a system.

June 2015

Topics: How to PIC a challenge? A framework, Mindfulness on the go, 3 powerful illusions created by thought, book review: Recasting India

March 2015

Topics: Managing the tricky transition from "idea?" to "idea!", 3 principles of immersive research, Learning from teaching of Design Thinking course at IIMB, A beautiful mind and the three acts of creativity, madness and awakening 

December 2014

Topics: Is innovation really about progress? 4 reasons why innovation programs in India flounder, How to build curiosity stamina? Infinite vision and the questions that shaped Aravind Eye Care System

September 2014

Topics: An idea presentation template, 4 approaches to problem solving, an insight from (Vipassana) silent meditation retreat, book review - Uncommon wisdom

June 2014

Topics: Humble inquiry and idea review, 3 tools of an innovation catalyst, design as if implementation matters, Buddhism and modern psychology

March 2014

Topics: 5 ways offraming a challenge, Goole 20% vs Right to Experiment, lessons to innovationleaders from iPod story, killing an idea: lessons from the destruction ofNalanda

Topics: JosephSchumpeter and the principle of indeterminateness, how smart guys pitched ideasto Steve Jobs, 3 take-aways from Taleb’s Antifragile, Is 8-steps to innovationpredictive?

Topics: 4 steps wherefrugal innovation meets 8-steps to innovation, 2 dimensions of innovationmaturity, building creative confidence in housekeeping staff, book review:Uncontrolled

June 2013

Topics: 3 characteristics of 8 steps framework, challenge book exercise, innovation leader's navigation matrix, 5-level assessment framework, good strategy bad strategy

March 2013
Topics: 4 characteristics of effective innovation campaigns, Gandhi's 1920 charkha challenge, 4 choices in the design of innovation campaigns, idea selection methods: balancing efficiency vs accuracy, 3 characteristics of a good challenge statement

December 2012

Design Thinking

Topics: 4 tenets of design thinking, Gandhi's 3rd class railway travel, Can empathy be taught, Edison syndrome and pitfalls of technology-centric innovation,  Design course by Prof. Karl Ulrich at

September 2012

Topics: 4 levers of building experimentation capacity, Mahatma Gandhi and Right to Experiment (RTE), Galileo and telescope fiasco, Building experimentation capacity in rural schools, Innovation sandboxes associated with cancer research and Wright brothers. 

June 2012

Topics: challenges in implementing a strategy (Rumelt), Follow bright spots, 3 lessons in implementing a strategy (Sudhir Kumar), Book review: Understanding Michael Porter

March 2012

Topics: Ramanujan’s intuition, Einstein on creativity, Book review: Thinkingfast & slow, Poor idea flow: what to do?, weighing scale & culture ofinnovation

December 2011

Topics: Innovation journey at Tanishq, Building creative confidence, Husk Power Systems story, Book review